Company information

NK Windows Brochure (8 pages) - company and solutions overview

NK Windows Company Video - 4 mins

YouTube Channel - NK Windows

Facebook Page - NK Windows

Aluplast Brochure - our German uPVC manufacturer and supplier overview including detail on special formulation for high UV areas of the world (see pages 12 & 13)


Benefits of uPVC

Health Benefits (2 pages) - health benefits of PVC window and door systems

Security Benefits (2 pages) - security benefits of PVC window and door systems

Noise Insulation (2 pages) - PVC frames provide exceptional noise insulation

Environmental (8 pages) - environmental aspects of PVC windows including comparison with aluminium and wood

Thermal Performance of uPVC Frames (2 pages) - how do they compare to wooden and aluminium window frames?  

Understanding and Managing Condensation (3 pages) 


Energy efficient design

Superhome has just launched New Zealand’s very first Health Home Design Guide, aiming to change the way we look at building homes 

Passive House in Plain English - lots of useful information for those considering building (not necessarily a passive house) or renovating - NZ-based Architect and Passive House Designer Elrond Burrell

How to Upgrade Your Thermal Envelope Above the NZ Building Code - 30min audio podcast presented by Home Style Green

10 Homestar Rating (2 pages) - Homestar rating system including costs

Homestar Continuum Diagram (1 page) - how comfortable do you want to be?

SuperHome Movement - web page 


Selecting the right product for you

Why Tilt & Turn? (2 pages) -features and benefits of T&T window and door systems

Glass Selection Help (4 pages) - if you know what you want to achieve or understand the options, this document will help you select the right glass

Window & Door Design Guide (17 pages) - what is possible with uPVC?

Opening and Configuration Animation Gallery - animated demonstrations of opening types and configurations

Low E and Argon Explained (2 pages)  - how can I use glass to make my home warmer? 


Care and maintenance

Maintenance Instructions (2 pages) - including cleaning and care instructions for frames, glass, gaskets, opening and locking hardware

Keys (1 page) - replacement keys

Glazing Instructions (2 pages) - DIY removing and installing the internal glazing unit (for builders)

Tilt & Turn Adjustment Instructions (1 page) - DIY adjustment 

Ventilation (2 pages) - important guidelines for tightly sealed houses 

Corrosion Protection (2 pages) - corrosion resistance hardware for marine and other environments

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