Proven European hardware manufacturers Maco Group and Roto-Frank produce exceptionally well designed and precision engineered hardware componentry to the world. We are proud to offer their stylish, innovative, highly reliable and secure products to you including 50+ handle and lock combinations.     

What is hardware?

A critical part of modern and sophisticated windows and doors is the precision-engineered metallic componentry that allows opening, closing and securing. In the window industry these components are collectively referred to as hardware.

Corrosion protection

Do you live in an area that suffers from corrosion? If you live close to sea water, a water treatment plant or in an area with high levels of pollution then we highly recommend specialised hardware. Check around your house for existing corrosion or if building on a section new to you, check with your neighbours. Please download this 2 page document.

Electronic Access

Two systems are available for inwards opening entrance doors including smartphone proximity, geo-fencing, remote access, notifications, finger print, fob, smartwatch, mechanical, remote administration & logging and smart home integration. See this 2 page document.

Door Handles

Slider Handles

Window Handles

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