How important is hardware?

The most important hardware items in a window system are handles, hinges and gearboxes. These allow us to operate and lock the windows and doors. There is different hardware for different applications, including:


Corrosion Protection

Do you live in an area that suffers from corrosion? If you live close to sea water, a water treatment plant or in an area with high levels of pollution, then we highly recommend specialised hardware. Check around your house for existing corrosion or if building new, check with your neighbours. This 2 page document will help explain some options to protect your hardware from corrosion.


Electronic Access

Home automation is certainly a growing trend worldwide, which includes entrance door access and security systems. We have several options for clients depending on what they are trying to achieve, to learn more about this please contact us directly.

Door Handles

Slider Handles

Window Handles

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