At NK Windows we work directly with homeowners every day, so we are used to being involved in the design process. We have been delivering window and door solutions since 2000, so we have encountered most issues and construction types and can provide advise in a number of areas. You are welcome to engage us early in discussions with your clients to make sure they get the maximum benefit from our solutions.

Please also feel free to send them out to our show room in Hornby, or call in yourselves if you want to discuss the details. We have great coffee!

Below is a library of our standard profiles, but we also have a large library covering most construction details. We are just in the process of updating these for our new profiles, so keep watching this space!

We can also help with the consent process by providing Test Reports and Producer Statements. Please contact us directly for any support you may need.


Tilt & Turn Adjustment Instructions

M-tec II Hinge Adjustment Instructions

Tilt & Slide Adjustment and Maintenance Instructions

Glazing Packer Location Instructions

Maco Tech 100 Brake Stay & Restrictor

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