Jacqui had previously lived in a house with a set of French doors installed by NK Windows, so already had a ‘taste’ for the comfort of living with a high-performance window & door system before considering upgrading her 1999 3-bedroom Rockcote house.

The original aluminium single glazed windows regularly attracted condensation and were draughty. Jacqui and Glenn had also been subjected to a break-in via a small window. They now report “the house is much warmer and is the same temperature throughout”. Jacqui says “the windows and doors feel safe and secure.” Jacqui made the effort to monitor temperatures before and after install and reports the house is 3-4 deg C warmer and that is with the heat pump thermostat set 2 degrees lower. The heat pump no longer runs continuously.

Jacqui loves the modern look & feel their new cream windows and doors provide and is especially pleased with her choice of a Larch entrance door. Most NZ homes have too many openings so Jacqui and Glenn took the opportunity to simplify window designs throughout and in doing so removed unnecessary cost.

Although NK Windows was one of the costlier quotes, Jacqui believes they went with the best value option.

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