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Here at NK Windows, we're passionate about bringing you the best possible windows. That's why our Director, Martin embarked on a trip to Germany and Austria along with Materials Manager, Naveen, Production Engineering Manager, Kees, and three representatives from Altus, our joint venture partners. It was an opportunity to dive headfirst into the world of window technology and innovation, visit some of our key suppliers and attend a major trade show – Fensterbau Frontale.

Here are some of the exciting things we learned and how they'll impact the windows you'll see from NK Windows in the future.

A Look Behind the aluplast Curtain

A highlight was visiting aluplast's headquarters in Karlsruhe, in southern Germany. We reconnected with their amazing team and got a glimpse of their impressive production facilities. The sheer scale of the operation was mind-blowing, and it solidified our confidence in their commitment to quality and efficiency.

What truly stood out was their dedication to staying ahead of the curve. We got a sneak peek at a new profile design in development, perfectly suited for the Australasian market. This kind of collaboration ensures you get windows that are perfect for our unique climate.

Strengthening Our Network

Our journey wasn't just about aluplast. We also visited Maco in Salzburg, Austria, a major hardware supplier who impressed us with their automation magic and high-tech facilities.

We also swung by Roto near Stuttgart, Germany, another leading global supplier of hardware. They, like Maco, boast impressive production facilities with a focus on quality. Meeting the teams behind these trusted brands strengthens our partnerships and ensures we continue to provide you with the best possible window systems.

Innovation on Display at Fensterbau Trade Show

No trip to Germany for a window company would be complete without attending Fensterbau, a massive trade show in Nuremberg dedicated to everything windows. Here, we were surrounded by the latest trends and technologies shaping the industry.

We saw a clear focus on improved thermal performance, exciting developments like window frames with fibre glass reinforcements instead of steel, and clever use of foam extrusions.

Another big trend is the growing availability of colours and finishes. From sleek matte finishes to realistic woodgrain effects, there's a window style to suit every taste.

These innovations are paving the way for a future of warmer, more energy-efficient homes in New Zealand. As building codes tighten and standards rise, we can expect to see these European advancements make their way here.

Beyond the Business: A Taste of German Culture

While there, we couldn't resist immersing ourselves in a bit of German culture. From sampling delicious food and beers at the booths at Fensterbau to exploring the charming village atmosphere around aluplast's headquarters, we got a true taste of German hospitality.

One of the most memorable moments? Navigating the autobahns in a minibus with the team. It was a whirlwind adventure that brought us closer together and gave us a new appreciation for German efficiency.

A Stronger Partnership for a Warmer Future

This trip has solidified our partnerships with some of the world's leading window technology companies. They see the potential in New Zealand's growing market, and they're dedicated to working with us to deliver the windows you need for a warm, comfortable, and energy-efficient home.

We braved the cold German winter and returned with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to staying ahead of the curve. More importantly, we're brimming with ideas to bring the future of windows to New Zealand, making homes warmer, more energy-efficient, and perfectly suited to your style.

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