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 Tell your architect or builder you want to live in a warmer, safer and quieter home. Insist on PVC windows.


Our 5-chamber profile (with a material depth of 70mm) outperforms any standard or thermally broken aluminium joinery on the market. A thermal transmittance Rf Value of 0.77 m² deg C/W ensures compliance with low-energy house standards. Our systems provide glazing thickness from 24mm to 40mm, comfortably exceeding standard aluminium offerings resulting in reduced heat loss and condensation within your home. Read more.



Clean, unbroken lines, created by fusion-welded corners, provide the strength that only ‘one-piece design’ can offer, doing away with unsightly screws, rivets and joins. Internal glazing, along with multi-point locking and all fixtures being fastened through a steel core offer exceptional levels of security and peace of mind. Additional glazing and hardware options provide exceptional security to European standard DIN EN 1627 RC3 if required. Read more.



The noise absorbency characteristics of uPVC significantly outperform those of aluminium. This, along with superior glazing thickness and laminated glass  options dim outside noise levels down to 10% in accordance with the highest specifications of sound insulation. Whether it be road noise, aircraft noise or a noisy neighbour, there are glazing options to suit your situation. For more detailed information on noise protection, please download this 2 page document (181KB). Read more.



Our window profiles are manufactured in Germany under strict environmental regulations. They do not contribute to deforestation or habitat destruction, nor do they require the massive energy resources of competitor products or environmentally damaging regular maintenance. Most people are surprised to learn of the environmental friendliness of PVC. For more detailed environmental information, including comparisons with aluminium and wooden frames, please download this 8 page document (774KB). Read more.

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