Downloads and other useful information

NK Windows Brochure (8 pages 2.6MB) - company and solutions overview

NK Windows Company Video - 4 mins

uPVC Thermal Performance Comparisons (1 page 40KB)

Understanding and Managing Condensation (3 pages 642KB)

Health Benefits (2 pages 156KB) - health benefits of PVC window and door systems

Security Benefits (2 pages 348KB) - security benefits of PVC window and door systems

Noise Insulation (2 pages 181KB) - PVC frames provide exceptional noise insulation

Why Tilt & Turn? (2 pages 319KB) - features and benefits of T&T window and door systems

10 Homestar Rating (2 pages 303KB) - Homestar rating system including costs

Homestar Continuum Diagram (1 page 270KB) - how comfortable do you want to be?

Corrosion Protection (2 pages 289KB) - corrosion resistance hardware for marine and other environments

Environmental (8 pages 774KB) - environmental aspects of PVC windows including comparison with aluminium and wood

Ventilation (2 pages 928KB) - important guidelines for tightly sealed houses 

Low E and Argon Explained (2 pages 43KB) - brief explanation of Low E and Argon glazing options

R-value and U-value Comparison Table (1 page 105KB) - heat retention comparison table of wooden, aluminium and PVC windows

Glass Selection Help (4 pages 420KB) - if you know what you want to achieve or understand the options, this document will help you select the right glass

Entrance Door Inspiration (7 pages 1MB) - design ideas, access options, handles, functionality and colours

Window & Door Design Inspiration (23 pages 1.8MB) - designs to make you aware of possibilities and to give you inspiration

Opening and Configuration Animation Gallery - animated demonstrations of opening types and configurations

Passive House in Plain English - lot's of useful information for those considering building (not necessarily a passive house) or renovating

How to Upgrade Your Thermal Envelope Above the NZ Building Code - 30min audio podcast presented by Home Style Green

New Build Gallery

Renovation Gallery

Renovation Before & After Gallery 

YouTube Channel - NK Windows

Facebook Page - NK Windows

SuperHome Movement - web page

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance Instructions (2 pages 279KB) - including cleaning and care instructions for frames, glass, gaskets, opening and locking hardware

Keys (1 page 389KB) - replacement keys

Glazing Instructions (2 pages 308KB) - DIY removing and installing the internal glazing unit (for builders)

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