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The NK Windows System is a high-performance European PVCu windows and door system, out-performing any thermally broken aluminium joinery on the market

Glazing Multi Point Locking Hinges Twin Rubber Seal Fusion Welded Corners Thermal Spacer Steel Reinforcement


The days of juggling window and door levels following a new build are over. NK Windows System hinges are fully adjustable.

Fusion Welded Corners

The difference is clear. The NK Windows System has the clean, unbroken lines created by fusion welded corners and the inherent strength of one-piece design. None of the screws, rivets or joins common in aluminium windows and doors.

Twin Rubber Seal

The NK Windows System twin rubber seal is uniquely designed to repel the harshest New Zealand sun, coastal or alpine conditions. Even urban noise is all but excluded. Interiors remain warm, dry and quiet — ssssh.

Steel Reinforcement

The NK Windows Systems are robustly reinforced with galvanised steel, providing unsurpassed rigidity and enhanced security.


Because the NK Windows System supports glazing or deglazing only from inside the window, breaching is extremely difficult and security improved dramatically.

Thermal Spacer

Thermix® spacers are a standard feature for NK Windows System. You save on energy costs by preventing the thermal bridge effect at your windows. The spacer plays a particularly vital role in helping drive down your heating bills.

Multi-point locking

No other locking system offers better security and weather tightness than multi-locking, standard with the NK Windows System. Every window and door sash is locked at multiple points, making breaching extremely difficult.

Engineering Brilliance

Accommodated in 70mm depth, five insulating air chambers with a combined PVCu material width of 10mm deliver outstanding thermal performance. The thermal transmittance U-Value for the frame is 1.3 W(m²K) and R-Window Value up to 0.6. Even a standard double-glazed unit (IGU) complies with European low-energy house standards. Upgrading to triple-glaze is a simple enhancement.

Superb Aesthetics

Seamless, uncluttered lines reflect the most modern in European tilt & turn design. No visible ugly rivets, gaps, screws or joins.

Enhanced Security

Protection against burglary is an additional bonus. The fittings are fixed in the profile and screwed into steel reinforcement. Combined with a multi-point lock system and glazed from inside, making breaching extremely difficult.

Noise Insulation

With smaller building sites and closer neighbour proximity increasingly common, you’ll enjoy 90% reduction in exterior noise. Peace and quiet is an entitlement.

Environmentally Advanced

The market leading Kömmerling brand has been the first major producer of PVCu window systems to use, besides recycling material, exclusively lead-free, eco-friendly stabiliser systems on a calcium-zinc basis.

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